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  • Quite simply, our filters are effective and they last!

  • We contribute to a sustainable use of the world’s water supplies

  • Filtering solutions for a wide range of applications

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Since 1986, Bernoulli has proven time and again that our customers come first, and that we can be counted on to solve industrial filter challenges in a wide variety of industries and applications. We partner you to provide the right filter solutions, quickly and efficiently.

Since the fundamental purpose of a Bernoulli Filter is to reduce the content of suspended solids in water from natural sources, the scope of applications spans everything from pre-filtration in water treatment to the protection of plate heat exchangers and sensitive process equipment such as spray nozzles. Bernoulli Filters are used in a variety of industries. Power generation, petrochemicals, HVAC, steelmaking, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and foods and beverages are just a few examples. Read more about our different products >>

Bernoulli water filters are built to last

Choose a Bernoulli Filter from Bernoulli System, and you get a reliable filter with an ingeniously simple design that ensures continuous, safe operation year after year.

Quite simply, our filters are effective and they last!

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