Our single basket Bernoulli Filter comes in three standard product lines; BSP, BSS, BSG.



The BSP product line was developed to offer a cost-effective option for small capacities. A BSP filter is designed in PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). The product line consists of three models, handling capacities of up to 130 m3/h; DN 65 (2,5”) – DN 100 (4”)



The BSS product line, with its design in stainless steel 316L, meets the requirements for industries where stainless steel 316L is the material of choice. It consists of seven models, handling capacities of up to 2000 m3/h; DN80 (3”) – DN 400 (16”)



The BSG product line was introduced in order to meet the tough corrosion challenges faced by products operating with seawater. With its design in GRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) the BSG filter benefits material durability and large weight savings. In the BSG product line, capacities of up to 6400 m3/h can be supported among the eleven models, DN 100(4”) –DN700 (28”), offering by us.


Filter baskets

There are two types of filter baskets; perforated or wedge-wire. Our standard filter basket range is made in stainless steel (316L) or titanium but other metals like Duplex stainless steel and Super Duplex stainless steel can also be used if required.  

The range of available filtration degrees for each filter size is given in below table.

BSP basket

BSS basket

BSG basket

Selection chart

By using our selection chart below you can select an appropriate filter size corresponding to required flow rate.

Tryckfallsdiagram BF


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The Bernoulli principle

The distinguishing feature of a Bernoulli Filter is a disc mounted on a pneumatic cylinder, which enables contactless cleaning of the filter. The cleaning sequence itself is automatic and continuous, requiring no manual intervention.

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